Happy Birthday Amro

My Twitter has gone berserk this morning with the mention of one name. He isn’t a politician or a bloke off of the telly. He’s a quiet, unassuming academic – a physicist. His name is Amro. Why is my feed full of his name? Simply this – it’s Amro’s birthday, and people are falling over themselves to say nice things to, and about, him.

Why? He isn’t famous, or notorious. What he is is kind. It’s a quality in very short supply in social media, notorious for its trolling, snap judgements and witch hunts. Pass an innocuous comment and you’re likely to be at the centre of a lynch mob.

But not with Amro. He has all the qualities you hope for in a friend. Amro is endlessly kind and patient, tolerant and sympathetic. He has the most perfect manners which I suspect come from his horror of hurting people’s feelings. Most social media users have a “type” of follower – fashonistas/politicians/actors. Amro transcends that. Universally-loved photographer, catlover, maker(and giver) of the finest marmalades, musical expert, gentleman and scholar.

I’m proud to be @iamamro’s friend. I hope he has the happiest of birthdays and, in his darker moments, remembers how well loved he is, even among strangers.


About andromedababe

Schoolteacher,shoe lover,garden geek.Likes glitter.Any views on educational practice are my own and are not to be taken as endorsement of any specific educational theories or schemes of work.Note: this is my personal blog - not all my posts relate to education.
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6 Responses to Happy Birthday Amro

  1. @SteveDoherty1 says:

    He is a true gentleman. Carry on, Amro!

  2. Well said that woman. I couldn’t have put it any better. Happy Birthday, Amro. You make the Twittersphere a better place. X

  3. iamamro says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m overwhelmed, really.

    You’re a very kind and wonderful person

    A x.

  4. iamamro says:

    Thank you for taking the time to write this

    A x

  5. iamamro says:

    Thank you very much for you kind words. I’m really overwhelmed by your kindness.

    A x

  6. loftspace says:

    Oh how lovely. It’s all true.

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