Things Nobody Tells a Student Teacher

Things nobody tells a student teacher:-

  • A child can work a dead dog into any topic of conversation.
  • Not all parents are pleased when their child loves their teacher.
  • The most beautifully planned lessons will always be interrupted by a child wetting themselves.
  • Your bag will be full of other people’s rubbish that will “come in handy” in the classroom.
  • Poundshops are a teacher’s best friend.
  • You’ll have an easier time if you tell people you work for the Council.
  • You should never volunteer for anything.
  • You will become an expert identifier of nits and chickenpox
  • The sky won’t fall in if you’re on first name terms with your families.
  • At some point, someone will make an allegation against you. Make sure you’re in a trades union.
  • The approved time for your first glass of wine on a Friday is 4:30 p.m. (no later).



About andromedababe

Schoolteacher,shoe lover,garden geek.Likes glitter.Any views on educational practice are my own and are not to be taken as endorsement of any specific educational theories or schemes of work.Note: this is my personal blog - not all my posts relate to education.
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2 Responses to Things Nobody Tells a Student Teacher

  1. George Allan says:

    Brilliant, good luck. Keep your heart and your spirit 🙂

  2. Kirsten says:

    It would also have been nice to know about the child with only one arm before the first lesson….
    “Oh, ah, um, yes, well, let’s all tap our knees then instead of clapping to the beat”

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